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casa marina key west wedding reception

Casa Marina Key West Wedding | Brandon & Brent

Love has a remarkable way of bringing people together, and Brandon and Brent’s wedding stands as a true testament to this. With two families joining forces, their Casa Marina Key West celebration became a beautiful ode to love, resilience, and the joy of new beginnings. Despite facing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, this enchanting […]

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Ocean Key Resort Wedding | Lauren and Justin

Love stories have a way of weaving together in the most unexpected and beautiful ways. Such is the case with Lauren and Justin, whose journey led them to a breathtaking oceanside ceremony at their Ocean Key Resort wedding on April 21, 2023. As they recited their own vows, surrounded by their closest friends and family, […]

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florida keys wedding at sunset

5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Key West Wedding

Welcome to the exciting world of Key West weddings, where nature intertwines with romance! From pristine beaches to lush gardens and luxurious resorts, Key West offers a myriad of options for couples seeking an unforgettable wedding experience. After years of experience planning weddings for clients, we have 5 tips for planning the perfect Key West […]

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5 Tips for Planning a Wedding During Hurricane Season

Planning a wedding is a joyous and exciting experience, but throwing in the uncertainty of hurricane season can certainly add a layer of complexity. But fear not! With our support as a Key West wedding planner, you can still create the wedding of your dreams, even during this unpredictable time of the year. Throughout our […]

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